Early career/PhD workshop: Tackling the ‘Climate Crunch’

Tackling the ‘Climate Crunch’: strategies and concepts from the social sciences.

Invitation to a fully funded two day workshop for early career researchers and PhD students.
15th-17th January, 2014, Bradwell Youth Hostel, Nr Milton Keynes, UK.

We are pleased to be able to invite applications for a place on a special collaborative workshop being held as part of an ESRC funded project called the ‘Climate Crunch.’ The ‘Climate Crunch’ is designed to develop and promote insights from six recently completed ‘ESRC Climate Change Leadership’ fellowships. The purpose of developing these insights is to inform decision makers about how the Fellowship findings can help over come the current impasse in climate politics – the ‘Climate Crunch’. This workshop is based on the premise that social scientific concepts and frameworks including those of risk, governance (including multi-level governance and governance across borders), economics, rights, entitlements, responsibilities, justice (including the potential for just socio-technical transitions), discourses and problem framings, and tacit theories and models of well being have a crucial role in analysing the causes of the climate crunch and in identifying societally viable responses.

The workshop is limited to 15 places and is open to PhD students and early career researchers engaging with the above topics from different disciplinary perspectives. As well as providing an opportunity to collaborate with the Fellows in developing insights from their Fellowships, the workshop will also provide a stimulating environment in which researchers can network with their peers. The costs of second class travel from within the UK (including Northern Ireland), accommodation and meals are fully covered.

If you would like to be considered for a place, send:
· a one page letter of application including details of your institution, research topic or area of work/responsibility, and an account of how you hope to benefit from participating in this event.
· a two page CV

to christopher.shaw@ouce.ox.ac.uk by the deadline of Monday, November 4th

For further information on the workshop please visit http://www.lwec.org.uk/events/public/tackling-climate-crunch

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